I work with women who want to transform their story and experience of menopause and aging.

I work with women to redefine what menopause means and unleash the magic it entails. I offer simple tools that help women move from hot flash hell, energy depletion, lost libido, and general dread about what aging brings, to unlocking true vibrancy and redefining what it means to be a woman post-menopause. Based in ancient eastern medicine, fused with practical science and what it means to be a woman in real life. All done with humour, compassion, and customized care for your body.

Your body is talking, it’s time to understand what it’s saying – using the wisdom of Eastern Medicine, Seasonal Living, Transformational Coaching and Mindfulness to help you step into vibrant health and shine your radiant self out into the world. Tips, tools, recipes and resources, based in nature, tested by life.

Unleash the magic within and live your most radiant life.

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