Gut Health – TCM Style

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Your body is talking, be sure to Listen Every body is different. Just as we’re all born with our own unique set of physical characteristics (our nose, eyes, height, disposition), our physical body has our unique stamp as well. Digestion [...]

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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Stomach

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Healthy Digestion and Gut Healing Using the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine  Part 1 of a 3 part series According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the pillars of health and vitality are a healthy diet, adequate exercise, a good mental [...]

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Mighty Mighty Bone Broth – the recipe

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How to make bone broth A few key things before you start. Bone quality is essential – grass fed, hormone and anti-biotic free is important to get a high quality medicinal broth. You can use the carcass after roasting a [...]

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Anxiety and Depression – A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach – Part 2

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Patterns of Anxiety and Depression in TCM and the Foods to Help All anxiety, according to Chinese Medicine (TCM), has something to do with the heart system being out of balance. The heart system in TCM theory is much more [...]

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Menopause – the second spring.

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Navigating the change with poise and grace (No, it doesn’t have to be the most horrible thing you’ve ever experienced!) Traditionally Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body like an ecosystem. All aspects of a person  (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) [...]

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