Vibrant Aging, Radiant Living

Menopause and aging has a bad rap in our modern day.

And yet, it can be one of the most vibrant and spiritual fulfilling time of a woman’s life. AND, it can actually feel good during the process.

Menopause can be a physical and emotional struggle for many women and society doesn’t help with our modern day story about aging and menopause.

“Oh, here we go dread”, hot flash hell, sleepless sweaty nights, irritability not to mention a waning libido, achey joints, foggy thinking, weight gain and a sense of dis-ease in the body.
Old ways aren’t working but women are often left with very few options or information as to what to do.

And yet, this can actually be one of the most positive and transformative times in a woman life.

Did you know that in Japan, there really isn’t a word for hot flash?

Most women there don’t typically experience hot flashes during menopause. In fact, many of the symptoms we just assume are going to be part of the menopause experience aren’t traditionally common and are totally avoidable and fixable with the right care.

It is my passion, because of both my own experience with menopause (and the dread that I felt as it approached) and my 20+ years working with women to help transform the story and experience of menopause into a rich, vibrant, nourishing and most spiritually rewarding times of their life. And to help women feel good and experience more physical comfort and emotional ease, during the process!

Are you ready for a new paradigm?

This is menopause beyond hormone balance

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Yes we’ll look at hot flashes, low libido, irritability and all the common symptoms we associate with menopause.

These are essential, as feeling good in your body is a foundation of a vibrant and healthy life.

But there’s more to menopause than just a lack of hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

If you feel called to more. If you feel frustrated by trying to stuff yourself in an old box that just doesn’t seem to work any more, I’m here to tell you that there is hope!

Not everyone needs the same kind of support going through menopause.

As a woman who has 3 decades of training in Eastern Medicine, holistic nutrition, applied mindfulness and transformational coaching and sacred womb work,

I know that it takes a whole person approach to truly support the modern woman.

And, as a woman who’s on the transformation journey herself, I know first hand how essential it is to be supported body, mind and spirit during this process.

If you’re a woman who knows you’re ready for a new life, if you’re ready to make some changes and to make a shift and you’re hungry for a different way of relating to life now at this stage of your journey, I’m for you

I am for the women who are ready for a paradigm shift initiated by menopause.

Unleash the magic of menopause and step into your most radiant life yet.