Rage and Anger – Why it’s essential to a healthy life.

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Why honouring anger &  rage is essential to a vibrant and healthy life, and what to do about it I recently had an experience that had me confront some old and lingering anger and, quite frankly rage. It was once [...]

Opportunity through loss, transitions and unexpected events

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I’m currently in a state of transition.  It was also my birthday recently, which marks the passing of time, the passing of another year. A marking of my birth. I love the ritual that comes with my birthday - I [...]

Winter Solstice – A Time to Go Deep and Listen

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The winter solstice represents the depth of winter. The midpoint or height of the season. Yes it may get colder in the months to come, but it’s at this point, the longest night of the year that we start to [...]

Essential Care for the Essential Workers

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Care For The Caregivers Strength, calm and resiliency tools for front line workers If your anxiety and fear peaks at the end of the day after you’ve cared for everyone else and you’re left not being able to sleep or [...]

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Top TCM Herbs for Everyday Use

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As seen in The Hearty Soul Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbal medicine to rebalance the body and bring the body back to a state of health. Herbal medicine is highly customized as no two people are the same – [...]

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