You’re So Full of Yourself & Why That’s So Important!

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I was listening to something recently where the speaker was guiding us in a meditation. We were instructed to bring the various parts of us home, to bring home the scattered and disconnected parts of ourselves. To become full of [...]

Navigating Menopause with Ease, Grace and…Delight!

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Menopause is a healthy and normal part of life. Our body stops losing blood every month and re-purposes it for longevity and health. Pretty smart right? Unfortunately in our modern western culture menopause has been demonized into something painful, undesirable [...]

NEW! Spring Into Health – Seasonal Retreat – Buy Tickets

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Exciting news, we are taking signups for some upcoming e-courses and retreats. Read up on what we have to offer below and sign up to receive more information. Seasonal Farm Retreat and City Dinners Join Angela Warburton, R.TCMP and Chef [...]

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Winter Retreat – A Deep Dive Into Nourishment

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"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire". We're delighted to announce our first seasonal retreat! Join Angela and Chef Joshna Maharaj in [...]

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The Power of Truly Listening

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As seen in the The past 15 years working in the deeply meaningful and humbling field of healthcare has revealed a number of things to me. One of the most powerful is the importance of listening. I’ve worked with [...]

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