Natural Rehydration Drinks

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When you feel like you just can't get enough water, these simple fresh mixes are a natural electrolyte mix to help keep you nourished and hydrated all season long. Citrus Twist 1/2 cup fresh orange juice 1/4 cup fresh lemon [...]

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Watercress – An Early Spring Star!

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Cooling, pungent and bitter- sweet, watercress is a natural diuretic helping to clear excess fluid from the body. It impacts the lungs, stomach, bladder and kidney systems in TCM and strengthens the Qi (or vital energy) in the body. It [...]

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SPRING Into Great Health! TCM Detox Guide

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A TCM Spring Detox Guide for Body, Mind and SoulAs published in The Hearty SoulThe ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the unique elements of each season (winter spring summer and fall) to guide us on how to live in [...]

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Transition time – Late summer  

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It's currently the end of summer and school has just started back up for the year. It's a time of transition as we step from the carefree, hot, often highly social and outdoor focused summer energy to the gentle turning [...]

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The Feisty and Powerful Green Onion!

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Green onion, also known as spring onion, Chinese onion, scallion or spring onion is more the young version of the round mature onions we see later in the season. These ones look like bulbous scallions. This little gem is one [...]

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Ah, The Magic of the Radish

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“When radishes are in season, doctors should take a break.” – Ancient Chinese proverb. Beyond the round red radishes of vegetable platter past, the radishes that are available to us now boast wonderful shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. From black [...]

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The Magic of Winter

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 Finding the wonder, beauty and stillness of winter - and embracing the yin I sit and stare out my window a lot. I love it. I love watching nature unfold year round. Birds, squirrels, and locals in their seasonal fashions trying to keep warm or [...]

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