“Falling in love is a sacred art.
All of your battles will shape who you are
And know that your scars are my favourite part” – SYML

I was on a call recently, and the presenter invited us all to do an exercise. She invited us to find a picture of ourselves from the days before the ego kicked in. That time when you were really young, naturally silly, and free to be fully yourself.

The age before we started shaming ourselves, muting ourselves or overcompensating in some way to fit in. A time when our spirits were wild and free, and unapologetically themselves.

We were then asked to put that picture of our younger, carefree selves as the screensaver on our phones. A seemingly minor thing to do, but what stemmed from that was powerful.

I found that every time I picked up my phone, I saw that picture, that wild, silly, and feisty little one, just bursting with life.

No fretting about if she’d said the wrong thing, what people would think or if she was enough. She was fully herself. It got me thinking: when does that free uninhibited spirit shift?

When do we lose touch with that unadulterated joy?

Sure, I could dissect the impact of culture on our minds and psyches. And yes, many have had trauma in their life that started at a very young age. But we are all born with this purity of spirit.

The essence that is simply YOU.

Over time, that phone picture really started to have an impact on me.
When I found myself being overly harsh or self-critical, I’d look at her and ask: Would I say that to her? Would I put that pressure on her? Be that critical of her?

No, I wouldn’t, not a chance.

The energy I felt was such pure love and caring.

So I began to focus on remembering that that little one/ that pure spirit that is still in there. And I committed to showing up in a way that honours that, every day.

It was during this experiment that I found myself sitting in a busy coffee shop. I began observing the people around me and hearing snippets of their conversations.

I started to imagine everyone around me in that pure and unbridled way. To sense that pureness of spirit that they were all born with.

And as I did this, I became flooded with an overwhelming sense of love.
I started to see that wild and pure spirit shining out, unburdened by shame, self-criticism, and fear.

We all adapt in our own ways for the sake of love and connection or for safety. We all ache for belonging, to be loved for who we are, and to be authentically ourselves.

Looking around that coffee shop, I felt the essence of that spirit in everyone. Picturing them as their younger, untamed selves—sharing stories, craving connection, wanting to be truly seen. And when I sat in that space and let myself see that in others, Love just overflowed—for every single person in there.

We can get so disconnected from this in our busy modern world. We’re fed messages of others or are chronically seeking someone or something to blame for our discomfort or pain.

And every one of us can act out in ways that are less than loving at our lowest moments. Yet, I don’t believe anyone wakes up wanting to be a jerk.
I believe we’re all just doing the best we can at the time. Maybe being unpleasant is just a shield and a protective barrier for that inner one, trying to stay safe. We never know what is going on for others. The heartache or their personal level of pain or stress. We just know our own.

We all adapt and we play roles like people pleasers, worriers, become crotchety or codependent, but it’s all about wanting to be loved and seen.
And I’ve sat across from enough people in my life to know everyone is carrying something that would bring tears to your eyes or warmth to your heart.

So, it got me thinking – what if we all started to see this wild and pure spirit in each other as we walked through the world?

What if we fell in love with each other every day?

If we looked at the world through the lens of love – starting with yourself, connecting to that pure-hearted little one inside of you every day.

And then letting that spill out onto every person you meet.

I wonder what would happen then?

What kind of world would we create if we lived from that place of overflowing love and pure-hearted connection?

I believe, that if we start walking through the world, looking for, and falling in love with that part of everyone we encounter, the world might just start to shift before our eyes.

Starting with you.

Falling in love with that sacred part of yourself, every day.