This is the perfect tea if you’re feeling frazzled with too much to do and you feel a wave of exhaustion along with some irritability.

Soothe and Settle

1 oz dried lemon balm (for flavor and its calming properties)
1 oz dried lavender (used especially for the calming, sleep-inducing properties achieved through inhaling its scent/essential oils)
1 oz dried chamomile (especially good for insomnia combined with irritability)
1 oz dried passion flower (especially good for insomnia related to stress/overwork)

option: add raw honey to taste

Combine all the herbs in a large bowl and store in an airtight, dry container – preferably away from direct sunlight.

When ready to use, steep 1 tbsp of the mixture for 10-15 minutes in a cup of boiling water.

Drink it while it is hot/warm and inhale the vapors as you drink to get the maximum benefit of this tea blend.


Lemon balm and mint are helpful to move Liver Qi stagnation – (think tight shoulders, headaches from stress, short shallow breaths and just that underlying feeling of ARGH!)

Chammomile is cooling and soothing and a natural nervine which helps to soothe and settle the nervous system and prep you for some sweet slumber

Passion Flower has a light sedative effect and really preps your body for rest.

By relaxing and reducing stress and tension in the body and then adding some soothing, calming and slumber inducing herbs, this tea preps you for sweet and restful sleep!