Seasonal fruit bake

As many of you know, particularly if you’ve worked with me in the clinic, I’m somewhat obsessed with warm foods.

Warming foods – slightly or doing a long slow roast, adds warmth to the foods and can make it easier to digest and absorb all the juicy goodness inside.

This is particularly important as the season’s change or in the colder mounts of the year.

Not only is it cozy and tastes so nourishing, It’actually amazing for our digestive system. Our body can’t handle cold or food year round (unless you’re one of those rare folks who can wear shorts in the winter and seem to burn through food like a wood furnace in full force.
Warm food takes the work out of digesting and conserves our much-needed resources and heat for what we need it for…staying warm and comfortable.

Warming your food allows you to gain maximum absorption from your food (even if you lose a bit of the nutrients). You can add bits of raw or fresh food here and there, but if you can keep the bulk of your food warm and cooked, I promise you, your body will thank you!

This is one of my new fav’s for the harvest season.

I tend to end up with a LOT of produce at once due to garden surplus or my organic box delivery which is feeding me apples, plums and pears in abundance.

This simple fruit bake has no added sugar and will keep well in the fridge for about a week.

I eat it for a snack topped with a walnut mix, add a scoop or two to oatmeal or serve it warm and bubbling for dessert after a nourishing meal.
The cinnamon and cardamon add some beautiful aromatic and spicy sweetness and the natural sugars in the fruit get more syrupy and sweet when you do a slow bake.

Simple. Sweet and taking advantage of whatever season fruits you have lying around. (this is actually amazing for any of those soft, mealy, or just slightly off apples to give them a second life).


4 cups of whatever fruit you have on hand (apples, pears, plums, berries, and cranberries are all great options
1 cinnamon stick
1-2 tsp of ground cardamon

Bake in low heat (275) for 1 hour or until the fruit mix is bubbling and cooked through.

Serve with granola, whole-fat yogurt, mix it in with the chia breakfast mix or just heat it up for a warming afternoon snack.

Cinnamon naturally brings sweet heat to the body, aids in circulation, and strengthens heart health. Wonderful for those who run cold or have a hard time digesting cold or raw foods.

Mmmm, mmm, enjoy this warming treat all year long!