Weeding Life -What needs to go.

I just spent my early morning meditation time in my garden. I sat out there to be surrounded by nature as I watched the light rise.

I have a small garden…and it is wild. I get overly ambitious each year, thinking when I plant these delicate little seedlings into the soil, “oh there’s lots of room”. And then, they grow. Just like every living thing in life. We grow… until we don’t.

The thing is, when we grow, if we don’t take a moment to weed out what is no longer working, it’s actually impeding our growth.

As I sat outside this morning, I saw how so many plants were busting out of the space I had allotted for them. There were also some pretty bossy weeds that were taking over large swaths of garden space, choking out the plants I actually wanted to thrive.

This had me think pretty hard about my current life. I’m in the process of shifting and changing over what I offer in the world. I outgrew my old offerings. I was trying to stuff too much new growth and life into the container I had set. It became clear it needed to expand.

But I still have some pretty bossy weeds in my life. These things can be pretty loud, taking up my time, mental energy and, life force. They keep telling me how important they are, and how they NEED all my vital resources.

Sometimes I start operating out of my old habits and patterns. I listen to the bossy weeds.

Until I start to notice that something just doesn’t feel good.

It’s like when I look at my garden (and don’t get me wrong, I love a wild garden!), sometimes, the wildness looks unhealthy.

Nothing is thriving.

Nothing is being properly nourished and the things I want to thrive, don’t have as good a chance… unless I do something differently.

So I pulled some of the creepers and trimmed back some of the leaves. I created a bit more intentional space around the things that I want to grow. The things I want to have more life.

Now, as I sit in my office, and see the pile of papers I need to sort through and deal with which is causing my eyes to wander and my energy to get scattered.

I look at how I am structuring my days and weeks and am feeling into what is actually serving me, and what just SEEMS like something that is a priority.

Where am I directing my life force? What do I want to grow?

We all need to weed our lives on occasion, for the new life to get through.

We change, we grow.

We’re not meant to do the same things year after year, without change. Just like the seasons call for different activities, actions, and foods, so does our life.

Do you need to shift out some old clothes? De-junk a cupboard or a closet? Do you need to shift your schedule because your kids are older, your interests have changed or you’re called to something new? Does your workout or menu need to shift, because things just don’t feel as good as they did in the past?

Change is inevitable. Growth is inevitable.

This is good.

It means we’re alive. AND, it’s also super common to resist growth. It can be uncomfortable and unknown.

Our nervous system likes the known, the familiar, even if it no longer feels good.

Our nervous system likes safe, and change doesn’t always feel safe. It’s true cleaning out a closet isn’t in itself threatening, and yet, why is it we resist?

And if you’re called to a new life, a new way of being, or a new career path? Well, this can be downright terrifying!

Just like my garden can’t weed itself, we too, can need help.

If you feel called to something new, but aren’t sure where to start, or if you know what’s calling to you, and you feel terrified to take action or need support, I’m here to help.

I help women ready to transform – body, mind and spirit – step into the fullness of their being.

I help you weed out what is no longer working and step into your most radiant life.

A radiant life is the place you feel good in your body, aligned with what’s calling you forward. It’s where you break through old patterns of shame, lack, or isolation that keep you blocked.

This is where you get to be fully yourself and authentic in your relationships and live the life you are called.

What you want is wanting you. What you seek is seeking you.

It takes courage and it may seem scary. But I guarantee you, it’s worth it. If you’re wanting some clarity on either your vision or what needs to be weeded out, reach out, I’m here to help.