Let the non-essential fall away and let yourself sink into Autumn.

Fall is a time when all of nature starts to let go of the things that are no longer needed and prepare for a time of deep stillness and rest.
Things that are nonessential fall away.
Resources are shored up and only the very essential make the cut for the coming season or rest.

As humans, we too are subject to these cycles of energy and activity. Fall is a perfect time to let go of the unnecessary and start to listen to that deep wise voice that lives within.

Autumn is the time to become more still, send the external world, the responsibilities and the noise away for a bit and come home to yourself.

But this can be challenging in our modern western world as we tend to be a doing culture.

Our mood, worth or value can be based on how much we accomplish in a day or how many things got crossed off the to do list. And yet, it has been shown that when we dedicate time to nourishing self-care and  non-doing, it actually has a profound affect on well-being, mental clarity, creativity, health and productivity.

Sometimes by doing less, we accomplish more.

We also tend to be a culture that is externally sourced instead of internally sourced.

What this means is that we look to the outside world to tell us what we need, what makes a worthy goal or marker of success.

We ask others what they think and seek outside opinions to make decisions.

Yes, there can be some merit in this, but the truth is, nobody can tell you what drives you, what your feelings or passions are, except for you.
Nobody can tell you what you need, truly need, except for you.

Taking time to shut off the noise (the information overload, the scrolling, the laundry, dinners and obligations) and allowing yourself to take a mental and physical breath is key to reconnecting with yourself.

Letting the busyness fall away and tap into that often quiet but oh so persistent and wise voice that lives within. This is where the magic lives.

So what are you ready to let go of this fall?

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