I was listening to something recently where the speaker was guiding us in a meditation. We were instructed to bring the various parts of us home, to bring home the scattered and disconnected parts of ourselves. To become full of ourself. And I was caught by the phrase.

To be full of yourself.

It’s not something that many of us want to be associated with. Typically described in the not so desirable aspect of the ego that is self centred, inflated or self absorbed.

“You’re so full of yourself!.” Not a divinely inspired characteristic you might say.

Yet, what if it was? To be full of one’s self?

When we’re full of ourself, what does that mean?

We tend to have an outside in way of being in our modern world – allowing media, advertisements or other people tell us what is valuable or desirable about us. What should make us happy etc..

Verses an inside out way of being. Being deeply in tune with what inspires, delights or dives us from the inside. The place where our values or our deep sense of meaning or purpose comes from within us.

If we’re trying to be full from outside ourself, we’re letting the world tell us who we are, what we need/want/like. What’s valuable about us or desirable – or what’s not.
I’ve yet to meet anyone operating for this place of outside- in way of being that has them feel whole, full, deeply content or enough.

To be full of oneself is something different.
It requires an inside out way of being – a homecoming of sorts.

To come home to yourself, to land in and fully embody, resect and honour your unique self.

To gather your energy back into yourself.

To know and to appreciate yourself.
To actually like yourself.
And…to give yourself permission to fully BE yourself.
So that you can fully know your worth, value and beauty, no matter what others say.

It’s that place of fullness in your bones, belly and heart, knowing that you belong here. You are worthy, you are enough, JUST as you are, no matter what the outside world deems enough, valuable or beautiful.

To be full of yourself means, to be whole.

Not without flaws, challenges or room from learning, growing and fine-tuning, but from knowing you are enough.

Born into this world perfect as you are, and worthy of all the goodness, love and care as anyone else.

Not better than, not less than.

To be full of yourself is to fully be yourself.

To be at peace and ripe with your wholeness, so that, from this place, you’re able to share the unique brilliance that is yours to share with the world.

Yes, to be full of yourself. I hope you are!