Menopause is a healthy and normal part of life.

Our body stops losing blood every month and re-purposes it for longevity and health. Pretty smart right? Unfortunately in our modern western culture menopause has been demonized into something painful, undesirable and fraught with discomfort and negative connotations such as undesirability, aging, moodiness, hot-flash hell and loss of libido.

No wonder people reply with a dreaded “Ugh, here we go”, when the topic of menopause is raised, making it feel like a death sentence of sorts.

It’s time for that to change.

Did you know menopause is a deeply revered and coveted stage of a woman’s life in many cultures?

Did you know that there are many places in the world where the only symptom associated with peri-menopausal years (the years leading up to the full cessation of one’s menstrual cycle) is simply shoulder tension?

No hot flash hell, sleepless nights or loss of libido. No banishing to the “old and undesirable’ category.

Vibrancy, aliveness, deep wisdom and status are all part of this magical and empowering time of a woman’s life.

In Eastern Medicine it is referred to as The Second Spring. A time where a woman steps into her brilliance, her full strength, wisdom and power.

It’s a time a woman if fulled by her passions and the wisdom she has accumulated over the years.

It’s a time when a woman, unencumbered by the chains of youth and all that brings, and with enough experience to stop worrying so much about what others think and want, uses her voice to fully express what she thinks and is here to offer the world.

It’s a time of prestige, honour and influence.

It’s a time to be fully embodied and fully BE yourself.

THIS is the magic of menopause!

Menopause marks one of the major transition times in one’s life – birth, puberty, childbirth (or birthing something other than children if that’s your path) and then menopause are the big transitions.

Transitions take time.

It’s a walk and a journey.
We let go of that which we no longer need.
We shed, release and relinquish.
We slow down, shift behaviours (because we have to change, so that the new life can be birthed).
We start to settle into our new skin and ways of being so we can be the person that is being called forth.

The challenge with our modern western way of living is that we often resist this call to change and we push through. We push through and try to continue on ‘as normal’.

This may have worked in the past – workout more, eat more salad, just tuck the feelings away for another time and ‘get on with it’. Bypassing our feelings and needs to take care of others or get things done.

The thing with menopause is, the body finally says NO, no more.
I can’t do it.
I will not continue on that way any more. I won’t do it.

Enter the hot flash, sleepless nights, mood swings, and loss of libido. Enter the modern day version of the menopause bag of tricks.

Fortunately, all the symptoms are, is a call to action.
Your body gently tugging at your sleeve saying, “Hey, I need some attention over here. I need something different”.

Every symptom, or uncomfortable feeling or sensation is just a sign of where your body needs attention – where it needs re-balancing.

Simple dietary shifts, exercise routines, herbal supports or mindset shifts are highly effective in bringing the balance back and easing symptoms.

Unleash the Magic of Menopause is a series of resources, talks, and offerings set up to re-frame and rediscover our relationship to this deeply magical and transformational time.

The Toolbox is a series dedicated to helping you replenish, re-balance and revitalize. It’s about the vibrancy, energy and health that feels so good. It is what’s required for you to live your best and most fully expressed life.

Restful and replenishing sleep, revitalized libido and healthy pain-free sex, radiant healthy skin, bone health, and balanced body temperatures are all part of this beautiful supportive series.

Each module is deeply held with this Second Spring and magic of menopause in mind, helping you feel good inside and out.
Created so that you are nourished, replenished and vitalized, ready to live your beautiful, unique and divinely inspired life to the fullest – and feel great in the process!

Unleash the Magic of Menopause Toolbox Series.

First series starts with:

Sleep, Sex and Radiant Skin
July & August 2021

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