We so often go about life on auto pilot. Same schedule, same foods, meals, workouts and ways of doing things day after day.
This can work for awhile, but somewhere in there we lose touch with ourself. The deeper self.
The self that calls for attention in different ways day to day, moment to moment, year to year.

Sometimes we catch this early and recalibrate. We take a break, book a vacation, call a friend, change a career.

Other times our body stops us – we get a cold, stomach ache, a headache – Something that requires us to stop for a bit, perhaps change a habit or pattern. Maybe even a way of being.

And then there are the times the message gets really loud: A divorce, a disease, an accident.

A wake up of another sort. A cosmic 2×4 as a dear friend of mine likes to call it. The kind of thing we can’t simply ignore or “continue on as normal”

What are these quiet and very loud messages doing? Why are they there?

It’s my belief, understanding and experience both personally and professionally, that these are the calls from our souls to remember ourselves. To re-member, to put back together ALL the parts of us that are essential to our wholeness.

Our physical body through rest, relaxation, food and movement. Our spiritual body through joy, laughter, connection and community. Our souls though our calling, our passions and finding our deep meaning and purpose for being here in this world.

We literally need to pull these parts of ourself back together. To remember them and then re-member them.

So I invite you to take a moment right now. Pause. Take a breath. And ask yourself: what is my soul calling for? What needs my attention today? What do I need to remember?

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t wait for the call to get too big. You know the answers, just take the time to listen.
Wholeness awaits.