Warm ginger pear green smoothie – a winter version of the beloved smoothie

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I can be around eating seasonally which means eating more warm and cooked foods in the winter. I found so many people attached to their morning smoothies so I created a warm version which takes the cold edge off, makes it easier to digest…and still tastes great!

You can play around with the juices you use as well as the fruits. Cinnamon adds some sweet warmth and kale is a nutrient dense cold weather green.


1 ripe pear
½ apple
ginger (1/2 tsp dried or you can use fresh if you prefer),
½-1tsp cinnamon,
1 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice (you can also use organic apple cider or mix the two) – heat on stove until quite warm
½ cup Organic blueberries – (put in with apple cider while it’s warming if they’re frozen)
1 tbsp chia seeds (boil water and pour 3/4cup of boiling water over chia seeds and let sit)
Two stalks of Kale, stems removed.

Put all ingredients in blender after warmed.
Blend until very smooth. If it’s too thick you can just add a little more hot water to customize to the consistency you like