After a night of sleep, we will often wake up thirsty vs hungry. That’s a natural result of sleeping as our body dehydrates over night.

A little bit of thirst is normal in the morning, but if you find yourself particularly groggy, stiff and parched in the morning, it’s usually a result of the liver not having the time to detoxify or it’s a bit sluggish from over consumption of rich or poor quality foods, alcohol, late night eating or overeating.

You might find yourself craving things that are brightening or bring the energy up and out,  helping you shake off the dormant energy of sleep.

Many people will reach for coffee first thing but there are a few other morning elixirs that will be better to wake you up and help your body hydrate and detoxify than coffee, which is a natural diuretic (dehydrator).

Customize Your Elixir

A little bit of thirst is normal in the morning but when all systems are flowing and your diet is healthy, you should wake easily, with good energy and a clear mind.

The best way to start the day when you feel good is with a bit of herbal tea or water. If you’re feeling sluggish or groggy, adding in a more cleansing elixir can be just the thing to support your system.

You can customize your elixir according to your body type. Drinks should always be consumed slightly warmed and never cooler than room temperature. This helps to improve circulation, aid absorption by kick starting the digestive system and wakes the body up.

You can customize your elixir by how you feel.

If you run cold, try to make sure you have warm liquids that are warming in property: cinnamon, ginger, fennel, spearmint etc., are all great options.

If you’re run down and a bit depleted and run on the cooler side, vegetable or bone broths or micro algae’s such as chlorella are nutrient dense and help to rebuild core energy.

Simple warm water and lemon has mild cleansing properties and is a refreshing way to start the day. If you’re feeling you need a bit more cleansing, you might look to add a celery or vegetable juice slightly warmed to your routine.

For those of you that are in need of a bigger cleanse or detox, you can add in more cooling and cleansing liquids such as wheat or barley-grass powders, dandelion or burdock tea or even chamomile, red clover or orange blossom teas can be helpful.

Note: if you have a weaker digestive system or run cold, please stick to the milder options. If you tend to excess and are more prone to mucus, phlegm with a thick tongue coating and booming personality and voice, you will fare well with a stronger elixir.

I personally like the fresh cleansing feeling of citrus in warm water in the morning. My favourite is a lemon ginger or turmeric lemon blend. It warms me up, hydrates me and invigorates me all at the same time. Here’s a great Lemon Ginger Elixir recipe if you want to make your own.

After you’ve had your elixir, wait a few hours or until the first signs of hunger before eating. This gives your body a chance to warm up and wake up after the long nights rest and doesn’t overwhelm it immediately with food. Just like you ease into your work day verses hit the ground running with the most intense activities of the day. Save those for once you’re fully awake, your body will thank you!