It’s time!

We’re deep into summer right now in the Northern hemisphere and that means we’re hot, there’s a lot of light and we have a bunch of different feelings happening.

Some people are in heaven as the heat acts like a balm to their normally chilly body. For others, their anxiety rises along with the temperatures.

For some people, summer socializing means hours alone with your book in a hammock or on a dock and for others, it’s about playing and socializing all day long.We’re all unique beings and our response to the various seasons are directly linked to our inner states of balance.
Basically, we all need different things to thrive in different seasons.

And yet, there is a guiding theme to each season that nature brings. Emotions, seasonal foods or preparation methods and ways of being  and energy levels shift season to season. When we embrace these shifts, rather than resist them, living in alignment WITH the seasons, we thrive. When we try to maintain the same schedule, diet and drive year round, we can fall off balance.

So, if you:

  • Find your energy or emotions shifting season to season but don’t understand why
  • If you dread one season more than others and find yourself wishing you could bypass some seasons all together
  • Want to find out more about how living in alignment with the seasons
  • Or, you’re just interested in living a more seasonally based life,

…then we have a treat for you!

Join Angela Warburton RTCMP and Chef Joshna Maharaj for this 30 day, nourishing Summer Thrive Guide.

You’ll receive a delicious recipe, journal prompt, meditation or some other dreamy summer nugget dripped into your inbox once a day.

These are Simple. Do-able. Delightful. They are set up to inspire and help you rather than add to your to-do list.

A gentle daily infusion of summer to keep you on track to feel great all season long.

The thrive guide includes:

  • Live calls with us including a cooking demo
  • Q&A call to answer any of your questions in case you need a little customized summer care or want to understand more about living with the natural rhythms of nature
  • We’ll also have a preview of how to prepare for the next season: Harvest (Yes we celebrate 5 seasons in Eastern Medicine!)
  • Seasonal Foods
  • Balancing and delicious recipes
  • Meditations and journal prompts
  • Restorative Yoga poses and Acupressure points to keep you cool and balanced all season long
  • Natural DIY Essential oil blends, teas and summer skin salve
  • And so much more

Discover Summer in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Runs Saturday July 25th to Saturday August 22nd.

Sign up for our Summer Thrive Guide here or visit to learn more about how Joshna and I have come together to ignite a joyful reconnection to nature’s wisdom – body, mind, and plate. We want to promote a sense of interconnectedness, consider our impact, and build more sustainable lives.
We’re doing this because we believe true nourishment lives at the intersection between what we eat, what we think, and how we live.