This bright sunshine loving plant is virtually impossible to avoid as soon as the weather changes. We’re quick to label them a weed, but before you dig them out of your yard and chuck them in the green bin, read on!

Amazing for the liver and GallBladder systems which, according to Eastern Medicine are most active in the spring-time and the systems that needs the most attention in times of heightened stress. Dandelions have wonderful cleansing and detoxifying properties and are great for moving ‘stuck’ energy and clearing heat from the body. It’s also known as a powerful diuretic which makes is so good to clear damp or excess water from the system. High in vitamin c, potassium  and vitamin a this bright little gems are a nutritious addition to salads, or sauteed greens.

Properties: Cold, Bitter and sweet

It affects the liver and stomach system according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Bitterness makes it a wonderful digestive stimulant as well.


  • Dandelion contains something called taraxasterol which may be helpful against tumors and research suggests that decoctions made from dandelion can stimulate the immune system and have an anti-microbial function.
  • Combining dandelion with some drugs, such as sulfonamides, is said to have a synergistic affect and increase their function. A win-win situation.
  • Clears heat and toxins to treat helicobacter pylori
  • Helpful in abscesses and swellings in the body including: acne, breast cysts (fibroadenomas) or swollen prostate

How to use:

  • The leaves make a great addition to a salad or sautéed with other greens.
  • Use fresh or dried leaves as a tea. Add honey to counter some of the bitterness or combine with other herbs.
  • Combine with hawthorn and schisandra berry for high blood lipids


15g dandelion leaf

10g hawthorn

5g Schisandra berry

boil water and  simmer for a few minutes. Turn off heat and allow to steep for 10mins. Add honey to taste.

You can also harvest the roots at the end of the summer and dry, roasted and ground to make a hearty beverage.

Caution: Dandelion has cooling and cleansing properties so overuse of dandelion can cause loose bowels for some people.