Spring is about new growth and expansion. An explosion of life after the stillness of winter. This can be both seasonal or energetic. Much like the lull after one project finshes, we wait for the spark of inspiration, to begin anew.

Spring energy is all about movement – be it physical, emotional or energetic. This is a time to clean out the old and welcome the new, fresh and inspired – inside and out

In this 10 day series, you’ll get physical detox tips, top spring foods to kick start and support your system. Inspiration and wellness tips based on Eastern Medicine and Seasonal energy. You’ll get journal prompts, meditations and exercises to help focus your vision and step into your future. This is to help you thrive, inside and out – no matter what’s going on in the world .

Available April 20th
For more information or to sign up please email angela@urban-wellness.ca
Price $29