Care For The Caregivers
Strength, calm and resiliency tools for front line workers

If your anxiety and fear peaks at the end of the day after you’ve cared for everyone else and you’re left not being able to sleep or manage simple day to day self-care tasks, this is for you.

Whether you’re holding space for your family, your team at work or if you’re a front line healthcare worker, it’s so essential that you receive the care and tools you need to keep yourself calm, grounded and supported during this stressful time.

In this 2 part Free series, you’ll learn:

  • Simple grounding techniques that can be infused into the day to help with overwhelm and energy
  • Managing anxiety throughout the day so it doesn’t peak at night
  • Recipes that keep you nourished and stable throughout the day so you don’t crash
  • Meditation tools for immediate calm
  • Immune boosters that you can find in your kitchen
  • Simple tips and tools to ground and stay present

Breath. Acupressure. Food. Emotional tools

Thursday April 9th and Tuesday April 14th


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