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Seasonal Farm Retreat and City Dinners

Join Angela Warburton, R.TCMP and Chef Joshna Maharaj for seasonal farm retreats and city dinners guaranteed to nourish your body and soul.

Country: Together, we will tap into the natural rhythms of nature, connecting to the land, local seasonal fare and exploring the natural shifts in energy and emotions that comes with each season. Though cooking, sharing and exploring we will tap back into the joy that comes with living with the seasons. Cooking demo’s, meditation, communal dinners, healing wisdom, self exploration and plenty of time to enjoy the calm beauty of the land. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

City: Farmer’s markets, city walks and dinners bring nature’s widsom and rhythms back to our daily urban lives

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Modern Woman E-Course

What does it mean being a woman today in this modern world? Women are opening businesses, raising families, building careers, care giving and so so busy, yet feeling so disconnected from their centre. Craving stillness, inner connection and just time to BE. Hormonal shifts, sleep issues, weight changes and living in a constant state of being rushed with too much to do and not enough time is so common today. We’ve lost touch with the feminine. Our culture tells us being productive and achieving is where our worth is. Yet, there is something else, Something deeper that calls. Something that is needed to bring us home and make us whole. Chinese Medicine has known this for thousands of year. It’s is essential to being balanced and healthy. It’s called Yin. Yin Yang balance is what makes the world balanced. Day followed by night. Activity followed by rest. Doing followed by non-doing. Breathing in…and then breathing out. Everything, absolutely everything needs that balance to thrive and survive. As women, we are more naturally yin: the connection, the stillness, the call to the inner world where we can catch our breath and just sit for a moment to Be. It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s essential.

In this course, you’ll learn how simple daily rituals can help connect you to your centre, calm your nervous system and help bring balance back to your being. Learn specific foods that act like medicine,  quelling hot flashes, easing period pain, rebalancing hormones and support adrenal function. Learn simple herbs you can incorporate into daily life that can help support your body at every age.
Tap into the deep inner wisdom of feminine consciousness and bring this back to the modern world. A balanced, connected, modern woman.

Wise Woman Aging E-Course

How to navigate aging with ease, grace,  empowerment…and joy! Learn top foods and herbs for navigating hormonal shifts and mood according to TCM. Learn why Chinese Medicine refers to menopause as The Second Spring (and it’s a good thing!). Learn the foundation of feminine consciousness and how changing subtle elements of how we live can have a huge impact or our mental, emotional and physical well-being.