Stillness. Quiet. Non-doing.
These are qualities we don’t get enough of in our modern world. And yet, they are essential to our well-being, sanity and for our health. It can be hard to take a pause sometimes in the course of a day, but just slipping in a few key moments throughout your day, to stop, be still and just be for a bit, can make all the difference in the world. A quiet cup of tea gazing out the window. 5 conscious breaths as you wait in line for a coffee or to buy lunch. Taking an extra 2 minutes in bed before you get up or turn out the light to be present to yourself or appreciating life. Little things that can add up to a calmer and more centred and satisfying day. Many studies show the positive effects of doing less and having more moments of stillness or quiet, the key is to make the habit of stopping regularly. I’ve created this short meditation for you to use when you have a few minutes in your day. It’s under 10 minutes, and hopefully will offer you a window of stillness so you can reconnect with yourself and simple BE for a bit.