Seasonal Retreats are focused on self-care, deep nourishment and time away from the daily demands and busyness.  They were inspired, from the number one need that I see in my day-to-day clinical practice – a need for nourishing self-care and the space to stop and simply BE, for a bit.

Below is some information about our upcoming Fall Retreat, and it is my sincere hope that this opens a door for you; if not now, perhaps one of the other dates in the new year. My goal is to help you feel as nourished and replenished as possible

Fall Self-Care Retreat

Fall is a time when all of nature, starts to let go of the things that are no longer needed, and prepare for a time of deep stillness and rest. Things that are nonessential, fall away. Resources are stored up, and only the very essential make the cut for the coming season of rest.

As humans, we too, are subject to these cycles of energy and activity, and fall is a perfect time to let go of the unnecessary, to start to listen to that deep wise voice that lives within. It’s a time to become more still, to send the external world, the responsibilities and the noise away for a bit and come home to yourself. 


  • Customized wellness assessment and treatments (1 session for 3 day and 2 sessions in 5 day)
  • Morning and evening meditation
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Delicious seasonally inspired plant based nourishing snacks and meals.
  • Daily reflections and writing prompts and information are given based on the wisdom of  Eastern Medicine to help you connect deeply with nature, the wisdom of the season and yourself.
  • Nature walks, crystal bowl meditations, deep relaxation and self-directed time and space is given to help you deeply replenish and reconnect to yourself
These retreats are set up for you to get some much needed self-care time. They are held in Beautiful Muskoka so you can be surrounded by nature and immersed in fullness of the season.
A nourishing and safe container is created so you will have all your needs taken care of: Delicious seasonal food, daily yoga &meditation as well as a therapeutic acupuncture or shiatsu sessions to nourish and replenish your mind and body. The retreat is also set up with some simple teachings based on the wisdom of Eastern medicine to help you embrace the true elements of the season. I’ve included simple prompts and seasonally based questions to help you connect to your inner world and what ever is present. This is to nourish your Spirit and Soul.

There is time spent as a group in respectful conversation but it is balanced with silence and ample free time to allow you to find your way home to yourself and take care of whatever it is you need to do to feel replenished. Read a book, take a walk on the local trails or just spend your time looking out the window and simply be-ing.

I create the space and do the work so you don’t have to. Engage as much or as little as you like.
This is your time.

Seasonal Retreat Dates and Rates:

Fall November 21-23 

Winter January 23-25

Spring  May 7-9

Summer July TBD

Cost: $749 shared $899 Single (4-7 people max)

Want to stay an extra day? We’d love to have you! $160 extra night for single room $90 for shared (includes breakfast. Any additional classes or body treatments are extra) 

Call 416-324-8888 for more information or book