Women’s Sexuality Online Conference

Join me and 20 more world-class coaches, experts, doctors, and thought leaders in the topic of female sexuality.

The  Women’s Sexuality online conference, and it kicks off April 23.

The speakers are going to guide you back into your natural state of embracing your unique expression of who you are as a sexual being. They will teach you all you need to know so you can reclaim what you always knew is yours: a dazzling, thriving, naturally-divine sexual woman.  

We have all gathered in this event because we are passionate to give you the tools so you can shine your true essence into the world, and create a personal transformation as well as a global one. We need as many sexually empowered women on this planet, and it starts with US!

This conference is designed like a course. It runs for 5 days, each day dedicated to a specific topic that affects the way we relate to our own sexuality. It is completely free, all done online, so you don’t even have to leave your house (hey, you can definitely watch in your pj’s…!)

Day 1 is all about body image,
Day 2 is about healing from the past;
Day 3 is diving into our body’s vitality and rhythm;
Day 4 is whatever you need to know about orgasms;
Day 5 is covering relationships and communication.

And you can look more closely at the agenda here:
Women’s Sexuality Conference

Looking forward to seeing you there!