Discussion with author Mary Saunders & Film Screening of ‘As She Is’

Friday September 23, 7-9pm ($20)

‘As She Is’ : An exploration of the Feminine, shows one woman’s journey of finding and living from her own essential nature and how this discovery reflects the current situation we see in the world.

At this time of great transition, each of us is being called to show up and acknowledge what wise women have always known: Feminine consciousness, in both women and men, is essential to life and the restoration of balance in the world.


Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Feminine

Saturday & Sunday September 24 & 25, 10am-5pm

$250 early registration, $325 after June 15 (includes Friday evening)

Spaces Limited.

An opportunity to gather with women to explore what embodied feminine consciousness can contribute to our individual and collective healing, transformation and the way we lead.

In this experiential weekend we will explore and uncover the ancient wisdom within the cycles ofnature and all creation. By forging a deeper relationship with the five phases of change: earth, wood, fire, metal and water; we will discover a myriad of possibilities for individual and collective healing.We will integrate the practices relating to each phase: gratitude, forgiveness, play, journaling, and silent contemplation as a way to cultivate the inherent wisdom of the feminine within each of us. Collectively we will begin the larger work of honouring the feminine values ofrelationship, listening, inclusion, and being, creating a space for us to experience our wholeness.

This weekend of exploration and growth is ideal for women who are called to use their wisdom and gifts to create a meaningful life, impact their clients and communities, and step into the leadership role that is so needed.

*CEUS/PDAS Available


Institute of Traditional Medicine: 553 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON. Canada

Mary Saunders

Meet Mary

FACILITATOR: Mary Saunders

With 30 years of experience in Oriental Medicine, Mary Saunders is a Practitioner, Educator, and Life Coach who speaks from a place of direct experience. She is skilled in the integration of this ancient wisdom with nutrition, psychology, and spiritual practice to support her clients in accessing their own inner knowing and balance in their lives. Mary is author ofRhythms of Change: Reclaiming Your Health Using Ancient Wisdom and Your Own Common Sense.

We gather to share, to heal, to laugh, to grow, to care, to encourage….to lead.