We live in communities. We work in communities. We find health through our communities. Traditionally this has especially been the case for women. For practical, informational and emotional support we have come together – Whether it’s a quilting bee, a red tent, or a children’s playdate, we continue to come together and learn from each other. We create our community and our community shapes us.
We want to bring this collective wisdom back to healthcare.  We’re offering an accessible healthcare community for those looking for additional healing support. Run by women, for women.
As practitioners of health, we aim to help anyone and everyone that wants our support. But, as we practice outside of the publicly funded healthcare system, sadly we sometimes fall short. When it’s an out-of-pocket expense, access to complementary and natural healthcare can be a real issue for some people.
We want to change this.
We’ve worked to develop alternate models of care that can be more inclusive and reach the people – ALL the people that want it and need it.
Community models of care have been successfully implemented in acupuncture clinics around the world (like right here at Urban Wellness). It is from this framework of care we hope to extend our approach to include a variety of therapeutic modalities – Acupuncture as well as Western Herbal therapies, Nutrition, and Naturopathic Therapies, while at the same time recognizing our clinical specialties and focus on women‘s health issues.
This model works on a sliding scale of $25-55 – the patient pays what they feel they can afford. Patients are cared for in a community setting – a friendly and inviting atmosphere sharing the room with others also seeking consultations with the various practitioners. Each patient has her turn with their chosen practitioner to discuss their health concerns and goals; effectively creating a treatment plan together or receiving an acupuncture treatment.
Consultation time is limited to 20 minutes per practitioner, but on any given day, a patient can be seen by a series of health providers from various disciplines. You customize your care in a way that fits your means.
As registered health practitioners, our services are still eligible for reimbursement by most extended health benefit plans under our respective designations. Clients can use this community model of care for acute health issues or for a step-wise approach to more chronic health challenges or for prevention and general wellbeing – you decide.
Our mandate is to provide high quality, more accessible natural healthcare to all women that desire greater support. We share the space to collectively offer a warm, welcoming and supportive environment that engages each woman in the betterment of their health and wellbeing.
Beginning in February, we welcome you to visit us at Urban Wellness on Mondays from 10 am – 1pm. Please call 416-324-8888 to schedule an appointment with our practitioners.
In Health,
Angela Warburton (Acupuncture, TCM, Nutrition)
Alexis Coffey (Herbal Medicine)
Michelle Richea (Naturopathic Medicine)