Angela Warburton, TCM and Kim McBean, Yoga Instructor have teamed up to create a magical seven day retreat in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Combining daily yoga, fresh & local food, breathtaking sunsets, and relaxing peaceful beach vibes with the beauty, wisdom and healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kim and Angela offer this as an opportunity for rest, unraveling, inspiration and rejuvenation this winter.

This co-creative partnership between Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a unique opportunity to learn not only about the medicine but how it applies to you specifically but also compliment it with both active and yin based practices to put the medicine into movement. All infused with LOTS of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding and the warm Costa Rican hospitality throughout the day.

As a part of this retreat, Angela will guide a five part series on the 5 elements and how they apply to all aspects of life – lifestyle, environment, body, mind and spirit. These teachings and practices will offer ways to help recognize the subtle ways in which our body speaks to us and simple foods and strategies to help bring the body back into balance. Kim will lead yoga segments to compliment and build on the teachings each day in a more active morning flow and a restorative therapeutic afternoon practice.

The mission is to help you unwind, recharge, but come away a little more empowered about the wisdom and information your body provides every day…in an absolutely delicious setting.

In addition to the five part series, each participant can enjoy up to three group acupuncture sessions to help de-stress, align and recharge if they choose.

Chinese Medicine is a complex, yet surprisingly straightforward and logical system of understanding the body. Blended with modern science we are able to see how this ancient wisdom plays out in the modern world. And, by using this simple but powerful system of healing, we can then understand our bodies and thrive in a very deep and profound way.

It’s not about fixing things, it’s about healing at your core. Mind. Body. Spirit.

Details: Call 416-324-8888 for more details on how to book!
Date: February 21 – 28, 2015
Location: RipJack Inn

  • Standard room shared $1485, single $1828
  • Deluxe room triple $1498, shared $1676, single $2210
  • Bungalow triple $1645, shared $1809, single $2476


  • Seven nights accommodation
  • Breakfast or lunch daily, welcome dinner, farewell dinner
  • Two daily yoga classes
  • Three group acupuncture sessions
  • Five part TCM series
  • Airport transfers
  • Taxes

Early bird discount! Book on or before December 31, 2014 for these special rates. Add $150 thereafter. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. Balance to be paid in full by January 20, 2015.

For payment and assistance with flights/travel insurance, please contact:

Carl Henderson TPI
416.972.9688 or

Travel Professionals International
1500-4 Robert Speck Parkway, Mississauga ON L4Z 1S1
905.896.6948  TICO 1576226

Some simple things you will learn:

  • Learning how each organ system, when in balance, allows seamless flow of energy, healthy moods and general vitality in life. When out of balance, will show up in multiple ways: body, mind, and spirit, giving signs and showing clues constantly.
  • Learn how even the colour you are drawn to wearing regularly can be an indicator of what system is out of balance.
  • Everything from our ability to make decisions to our sleep patterns and our nail health is a sign of how your body is ‘talking’.
  • Learning how your kidneys are related to your reserves of energy and simple foods you can include or avoid to strengthen your system (like a savings account for your vitality)
  • Learning how the digestive system is affected not only by what you eat but HOW you eat it (even how the food LOOKS has an influence on your health!)
  • Learn which system influences the health of our skin and hair as well our ability to ward off colds and flus.
  • Learn how bruising easily may also be a sign of poor digestive health.
  • Learning who will benefit from raw foods and those who simply can’t digest them by simple signs that show up in your mood, temperature and bowel patterns.

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The RipJack Inn, is a family-style boutique hotel nestled amongst the palms and tropical flowers and located just behind the main surf break.  Rest, unravel and rejuvenate this winter as you soak up the sun and sea with great friends and beauty abound. Pura Vida!

Yoga classes will be a mix of dynamic flow, restorative and therapeutics with a theme woven into our week, allowing for deeper growth and transformation. In your spare time, choose an activity, read a book by the pool or nap in a hammock. Reconnect to nature.

Meals will include your choice of breakfast or lunch and two dinners. Playa Grande is a small beach town with some incredible restaurants and a smoothie bar. Fresh pasta, wood oven pizza, sushi and typical fare just to name a few. I encourage you to venture out to dine, connect to the kind and generous international community, and indulge in their delicious cuisine. You may even be treated with live music!To learn more about Angela & Kim: