A nourishing and yummy warm kale salad for the winter months

Kale: a nutrient dense ‘wonder’ vegetable full of chlorophyll, calcium, iron, and blood nourishing properties.

Kale: a vegetable that often paralyzes people in the kitchen by not knowing how to prepare it.

To keep you warm, nourished and satisfied this winter season, try this tasty and easy to prepare warm kale salad. Mmmmm

Kale, Leek and Apple Salad with Feta

1 leek – sliced into thin slices

1 small bunch kale – cute into medium sized pieces

1 large apple (peeled if desired, cut into 1inch cubes)

feta (crumbled into chunks)

In a skillet heat a small amount of olive oil and sauté the leek (add a small amount of broth or water to keep it moist if needed). When leeks are slightly softened, add the kale and cook slightly, then add the apple. Cover and let simmer on med-low temperature until apple is soft. Right before serving add the feta and toss allowing it to slightly melt and soften.