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I believe so deeply in the work I do and feel honoured to have a tool that can aid people in living healthier lives. I know each journey is unique, that we arrive at our current state along individual paths. Therefore I take the time to listen to what is pertinent for each individual – be it mind, body, or spirit – and focus on the treatment and recovery from there.

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eastern medicine & acupunture

An ancient Asian system of healing that focuses on achieving internal balance.

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Transformational Coaching

Transform the block that has kept you stuck in the same pattern for years.

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Your Radiant Life

Transform your story and experience of menopause and aging.

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Winter Smoothie

By |January 16, 2021|Recipes, Seasonal Eating|

Warm ginger pear green smoothie – a winter version of the beloved smoothie Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I can be around eating seasonally which means eating more warm and cooked foods in the winter. I found so many people attached to their morning smoothies so I created a warm version which takes the cold edge off, makes it easier to digest...and still tastes great! You can play around with the juices you use as well as the fruits. Cinnamon adds some sweet warmth and kale is a nutrient dense cold weather green. Ingredients: 1 ripe pear [...]

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giving back

We are committed to the wellness of everyone and, for us, that means equal rights for all,
food security for everyone, and healing for our planet. 3% of all profits are donated to causes
that support these core values. Because, until we are all safe, equal and our
planet is stable, we all suffer. Some organizations we support are:
black women in motion
Harriet Tubman Community Organization
second harvest

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